Where Will Your Call Center be Three Years from Now?

What does it take to drive your call center today? It requires going above and beyond traditional customer service and call center solutions, especially when considering digital and mobile engagement. In fact, recent research shows that today’s number of networked devices is equivalent to our global population, and that number is expected to be twice that of the global population by 2015.This means breaking channel boundaries to support call center communication in today’s digital and social world. This means connecting to your customers anywhere, anytime and on any device. This means investing in the best social contact suite available.Syndic+, a property management company based in France, did just that. As a company that takes pride in its innovative approach and techniques, it turned to Vocalcom’s Hermes Cloud, which quickly proved to be invaluable to the company’s growth and core initiatives.Thierry Winzelle, president of Syndic+, explains that Hermes was instrumental in creating a readily accessible platform to provide its customers with real-time information 24×7 on their property management through their device of choice. In relying on Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM partner, and Hermes Cloud by Vocalcom, Syndic+ was able to:

  • Get its contact center up and running within only minutes
  • Add news users to the platform without having to invest in any additional infrastructure
  • Manage company growth with only a few clicks of a button
  • Acquire new investors due to its innovative expansion and growth

At the end of the day, thanks to Hermes Cloud, Syndic+ was able to expand its business to include 40 new offices in three years spanning 340 collaborators for 77,000 customers. Think about where you could be in three years if you drive your call center to the digital world. To learn more about Hermes Cloud, click here.

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