Where’s Your Voice? Speak Up!

Don’t deny it: any day when you get a new package in the mail is secretly one of your most anticipated. Getting something new makes us feel special; it gives us something to look forward to for that seven to 10 business days, which we think of as a sort of “no man’s land” during the product’s journey to our front door.

But imagine getting that long-awaited box and opening it only to find a broken product. Maybe that HD camera you’ve been waiting for has a cracked screen or that dress you’ve been eyeing online came packaged with a broken zipper. The last thing your customer wants is to have to jump through hoops to rectify this type of situation. Can you blame them? The fault is certainly not their own.

Now, imagine your customer actually looking forward to being serviced about these kinds of mishaps.

Our solution, The Voice, does just that. It empowers your customers to speak up immediately without intruding upon their everyday schedule. For example, upon noticing a cracked screen on your camera, simply log onto the company’s website via your mobile phone and give them a call. Our call center application enables customers to connect with your call center agents in real-time for service that is fast, timely and gets to the heart of their issues and inquiries.

How do we accomplish this? By incorporating a sophisticated mobile assistant that processes all customer information already stored in your company’s mobile app, which is then transferred to Hermes Cloud on Salesforce. This means no more repeating account information for your customers, which will certainly boost their satisfaction.

Imagine being able to even show your broken camera screen to that agent in person. With our call center technology, you can do this via live video chat. It’s as if your agents are right there with you as you tell them what’s going on. They’re able to see what you’re seeing.

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