Which Technologies Does Your Call Center Utilize?

With every new technology, there will always be the classic early adopter – the one who bravely paves the way for others – as well as the company who prefers to steadily work its way towards implementing the latest tools. When it comes to call center applications, however, the quicker your call center utilizes the market’s most transformative technology (and the more of it that is used), the better off your agents and customers will be.

Multi-channel Communication

The first item on any call center’s wish list should be multi-channel communication. If your organization isn’t currently utilizing the power of this technology, then it is surely missing out. Rather than the standard phone call and e-mail correspondence, multi-channel communication affords your customers the benefit of choosing any degree of methods of communication, including:

·         Voice

·         Electronic

·         Social media

·         Computer telephony integration (CTI)

·         Interactive voice response

·         Speech recognition

·         Predictive dialing

·         E-mail response management

·         Chat

And those are just some of the numerous options that fall under the ever-widening multi-channel umbrella.

Agent Productivity Solutions

In its most basic form, management is always a case of responding to a customer inquiry. As such, agent productivity solutions are a must, ensuring each customer’s service experience is complemented by company policies. It also allows managers to help agents improve in certain areas and better serve their customers, which ultimately helps make future interactions run more smoothly across the board.

Customer Service Analytics

When a customer calls with a concern, agents want to utilize any call center applications that will help resolve the issue as soon as possible. Customer service analytics help agents to target the persona of the customer, as well as the issue at hand, expediting every interaction and allowing more customers to be assisted faster than ever.

At the end of the day, what’s better than that?

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