Why a Cloud Contact Center Is No Longer Just a Perk

Years ago, the cloud was either a myth or an advanced, new perk for call center managers looking to get a leg up on the competition. In 2008, the adoption rate of cloud-based contact center solutions was a mere 2.2 percent; however, by 2011, that figure more than doubled to 5.9 percent, and by the end of 2015, it’s expected that about 18 percent of all contact center seats will be in the cloud.

Needless to say, operating a cloud-based contact center is no longer just a perk…it’s a necessity. Here are three reasons why you need to take your call center operations to the cloud if you haven’t done so yet.

Increased Security

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 54 percent of companies consider security their top concern for transitioning to the cloud; however, a study by Mimecast shows that in actuality, 57 percent of companies saw increased security with cloud computing compared to more traditional computing methods. Additionally, cloud contact centers are known to have better defense against payment fraud and other counterfeit activity.

Your Competitors Are Cloud-Bound

The cloud computing market was projected to peak at around $150 billion by the end of 2013 by industry analysts including Gartner and Merrill Lynch, with much of this growth coming from pressure from businesses to move into the cloud computing realm to gain a competitive advantage. What makes you think that your competitors haven’t already tapped into the potential of which the cloud has to offer? Not much.

Productivity-Enhancing Features

While this may seem like common knowledge, it’s never a bad idea to reinstate the fact that cloud-based tools lead to enhanced productivity in the contact center. Not only does cloud computing infrastructure better arm your disaster recovery plan (which will boost productivity when facing downtime), but cloud-based software enables you to deploy in only minutes, which leads to quicker customer connections. Additionally, cloud-based features like virtual queuing, hosted predictive dialer and seamless multi-channel integration all allow for better overall flexibility and efficiency.

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