Why Every Customer Service Rep Needs to be Like this Netflix Employee

When customers reach out to a company’s service department, what they want to hear on the other end of the line is someone who understands them; someone who they can rest assured knowing will take care of their problem. Recently, Netflix proved that it is more than capable of doing a great job of this. Why? Customers who connect with the digital entertainment media company’s contact center are greeted by service reps who introduce themselves as “captains” on the “good ship Netflix.”

In one particular online chat session between a real Netflix service rep and a customer, the customer joined in the game, responding as if he were a Star Trek Star Fleet officer. The agent, “Captain Mike,” played along, and the pair kept up the ruse for the duration of the conversation.“Lt. Norm” not only had his issue resolved quickly and efficiently, but it was done in a fresh and exciting way he will likely never forget. They say one satisfied customer will tell dozens more about a positive experience; however, this incident goes to show that truly stellar service can go so far as to make headlines.

Most agents don’t have to ad lib a conversation the way Captain Mike did in this situation, but with today’s robust call center software solutions, customers can ad lib their channel decision, choosing the one that best suits their needs each time.

Like Lt. Norm, however, consumers today are increasingly choosing online chat. In fact, one in five shoppers prefer online chat over any other channel. Meanwhile, companies that include online chat as part of their call center software package benefit from significantly reduced costs and rapid problem resolution.

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