Why Now is the Best Time to Deploy a Cloud Contact Center

There will always be those who are skeptical of new technology as it’s adopted, but for anyone who is still uncertain about the future of the cloud contact center, here are some recent statistics from Siemens Enterprise about how opinions regarding cloud computing are evolving.

·         There’s been a 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership for cloud contact centers. Can you imagine paying only half of your current expenditures? With the right cloud solution, this could be in the cards for you and your business.

·         75 percent of contact centers will use some form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) by 2013. December is right around the corner, and if you want your company to be part of the 75 percent of cloud contact center users, now is the time to act. SaaS, also known as “software on demand,” refers to the ability to access software and associated data at all times. This is essentially the foundation of the cloud and, needless to say, where your contact center should be as soon as possible.

·         Staff availability is the number one driver in determining contact center location. One of the greatest benefits of a cloud contact center is that it offers you the ability to create the physical or virtual contact center of your choosing. Have a great employee who has to move away? The cloud will allow that agent to work from their new home and allow you the flexibility to retain the employees that you most value.

The future is now. A cloud contact center solution is the next step for your business.

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