Why Social Media Support is so Important for the Virtual Call Center

One of the things that we’re most proud of at Vocalcom is our ability to provide virtual call centers with the tools they need to go above and beyond the typical social media customer support. Even in 2013, there still seems to be some doubts about social media implementation. Let’s take a moment to break down some of the questions regarding the importance of social media for your business as well as what may be preventing your company from realizing its full potential.

What’s Standing in the Way of Great Social Customer Service?

Even if you feel that your virtual call center is doing well on the social media front, it’s the customer’s opinion that really matters. Only 36 percent of consumers feel that their social media customer service enquiries have been dealt with quickly and effectively.

Many businesses shoulder the burden of social media inquiries on the marketing and PR departments. However, any customer-centric virtual call center manager or decision maker knows that Twitter, Facebook and more can be great for promotion and handling a customer service issue quickly and effectively.

Does Social Media Really Make a Difference?

You’d be surprised. Of those surveyed, the 71 percent who experienced positive social customer care describe themselves as likely to recommend that brand to others. Compare that to customers who did not get a social customer care response, of which only 19 percent said they’d recommend the brand to others.

Turning the Tide in Customer Satisfaction

One of the most pressing issues for any virtual call center is its ability to retain upset customers and get them back in your company’s good graces. Research shows that 90 percent of upset customers can be retained with the implementation of great customer service – it’s all about how you approach doing so.

In this multi-channel world, it’s important to remember that every new form of customer interaction is another way to gain customer support—or lose it, if you’re not well-prepared. Discover all of the offerings of a virtual call center with Vocalcom by clicking here.

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