Why You Need CTI Screen Pops for Delivering Customer Excellence

The advanced kind of call center software that you’re on the hunt for should integrate multiple features. One component that’s especially beneficial is screen pops – a window that appears on a call center agent’s desktop that displays different information based on whether the call is inbound or outbound. A screen pop is able to appear on the agent’s desktop by leveraging the power of computer telephony integration (CTI).

CTI enables interactions that take place on a telephone or computer to be seamlessly coordinated, or integrated. The technology enables call center agents to use standard desktops to maximize efficiency, both in time spent, as well as customer service interactions, in a way that was never previously possible.

Individually, screen pops and CTI may not seem to provide much in terms of enhancing and streamlining the customer service experience; however, collectively they clearly provide numerous benefits that work towards the benefit of both call centers and customers. Since crucial customer information is delivered directly to the agent via the CTI and screen pop system, customers need not repeat information as all communication is passed directly from agent to agent if they’re transferred.

Both of these types of technology are important to be included in call center software if a company desires their agents to be successful. This feature enables:

·         Customer information to be pushed directly to agents’ desktops so that they don’t have to search for it

·         Real-time information to be efficiently delivered

·         Customer satisfaction by minimizing processing time

·         Agent efficiency by providing a complete customer interaction history

By using call center software such as this, corporations can easily deliver a customer service experience that is positive for both the agent and the client.

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