Why Your Call Center Needs to Start Thinking Creatively

As customers’ shopping habits continue to change, corporations similarly must continually re-imagine how to best handle customer service. Gone are the days where there are set business hours for shopping and interactions with customers only took place in certain contexts. While physical customer service locations are still an important part of the customer service experience, various call center solutions are now being explored to help better meet the demands of consumers who prefer diverse ways of communicating and shopping – such as online.It’s important for companies to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to customer service and the call center, as customers no longer prefer just one means of communication. In fact, recent data from top industry analyst Forrester Research shows that customers want to use more rather than fewer communication channels for customer service. Since corporations now utilize a variety of outlets and mediums to advertise, one form of communication with clients should, understandably, not be expected to fulfill all needs.The power of the customer service was revealed in 2009 when the Federal Trade Commission released and enforced new regulations concerning untruthful customer testimonials. Clearly the experience a customer has – whether positive or negative – can be very influential in forming others’ opinions. By embracing creative call center solutions – such as creating Google Hangouts, responding to inquiries by Facebook and Twitter and hosting other multi-channel solutions like online chat – companies can significantly increase how effective their customer service is.Creative solutions and communication techniques for the call center can only serve to improve the overall customer service experience, as well as strengthen brand loyalty and help better meet consumers’ demands. Click here to learn more about the different creative and forward-thinking options available to implement in a call center!

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