Why Your Contact Center Needs Vocalcom’s Predictive Dialer Software

Vocalcom’s predictive dialer software has been proven to increase agents’ contact rates by up to 74 percent, agent productivity by up to 55 percent and agents’ closing rates by an average 32 percent. For those companies who are still unsure of why they need the market’s most powerful predictive dialing solution, take a cue from Westcon Group, who recently partnered with Vocalcom as a distributor of our award-winning solutions. Let’s take a look at three reasons why the company settled upon Vocalcom’s technology (and why you should be, too).

Support for any sized company

Hermes.Net is a valuable asset to any company, large or small. Among the many advantages of Vocalcom’s leading-edge technology, Hermes.Net is designed to provide reliable support for companies of every size and industry. The Web-based application streamlines communication operations including administration, monitoring and reporting functions into one single interface – a great advantage for any corporation.

Improved performance

To maximize agent talk-time and efficiency, our predictive dialer adapts to your specific calling environment, navigating through dead-end calls, busy signals and fax and answering machines. It eliminates the time-consuming guesswork of analyzing call data and patterns so you can focus on improving your call center’s performance and retention. Employing precise algorithms, the solution ensures that agents are provided with a steady stream of live contacts and automatically balances call volume with agent wait time.

Guaranteed returns

Companies incorporating our technology around the world have seen sales’ profits increase by up to 300 percent. Best of all, Hermes.Net has demonstrates an unparalleled capability to boost productivity and customer satisfaction – all at an affordable cost.

We’re pleased to have our technology distributed by Westcon Group. Experience the difference with Vocalcom’s predictive dialer solution. Read more about its unique features here.

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