Why Your Financial Service Company Needs Powerful CRM Technology

In an uncertain economy, one thing is for sure: People need to trust their bankers more than ever. So, as a financial service company, how can you ensure that you provide reliable service for your customers? By investing in a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform, of course.

As this video by Salesforce describes, CRM platforms can help your financial service group find prospects, create collaboration and utilize mobile apps and automated processes to speed up transactions. The “marketing cloud” enables your company to fully tune into conversations and generate leads with social media forums. And with customers increasingly turning to social media for information and recommendations (27 percent of Twitter users posted a positive comment about a company or product in 2012), a CRM platform will let you get in touch with current and prospective customers the moment an opportunity arises.

More specifically, CRM platforms for financial services make the customer experience not only more efficient, but more integrated with your business. For instance, CRM-driven mobile banking makes it easier for customers to pay bills, see account information, transfer money and access bank products; once they set up an account and apply for a transaction (for instance, a loan on a new house), bankers can access the customer’s pertinent information to make the transaction go smoothly.

The CRM “sales cloud” allows parties involved in a transaction (like the banker, the lawyer and the house inspector) to be in touch and share documents in a secure setting. The customer can receive discounts, calculate payments and close the deal all via mobile. And while your customers reap the benefits of your financial service team, CRM platforms can track your workers’ performance, allow employees to collaborate across departments and measure progress and reports on a central dashboard.

CRM platforms are a powerful way to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction – and you can take that to the bank.

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