Why Your Retail Company Needs Powerful CRM Technology

Being a retailer is like being on a matchmaking site: You want strangers to love you enough to commit to a long-term relationship. Part of your job as a retailer is ensuring that every “first date” with a customer turns into marriage – and customer relationship management (CRM) technology is your diamond ring.

CRM platforms for retailers can turn the latest trends into retail campaigns that are conveyed online, in-store or via mobile. A central platform dashboard lets you stay on top of industry trends and conversations as they occur, enabling you to enter new conversations with potential customers. CRM technology helps your retail company deliver great customer service through a multitude of channels.

A smooth integration between virtual and in-store customer experiences is crucial for a good retailer, and CRM technology is equipped to support this integration. For example, if a potential customer displays interest in your company, you can access their pertinent profile information and deliver a customized Web experience.

Providing in-store employees with CRM-supported technology such as iPads will allow them to see and respond to that customer Web activity in real-time. For instance, as outlined in this video by our partner Salesforce, customers today often make purchases online and share them via social media; store associates can then access relevant posts and leave product recommendations in the comments. This way, the customer is inclined to explore the physical store. Social media also factors into the “service cloud,” a CRM platform feature in which retailers can easily access and respond to product queries via social media. And since good customer service leads to good sales, CRM platforms allow managers and administrators to track progress and performance within their retail team.

With CRM platforms, you and your customers can start to build those lifelong relationships – so go ahead, put a ring on it.


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