Workplace Design is Key to Employee Motivation and Success

Call centers are a dynamic environment and the hub of a company’s customer service department, with agents and managers working tirelessly to deliver on a brand promise day in and day out. Given the intensity of the job and the often nontraditional shifts agents and managers work, the call center needs to be a place where employees feel comfortable so they can be productive. For this reason, many call centers are paying closer attention to workplace design as a means of motivating employees and leading to greater productivity.

Aesthetic elements are important for motivation. Many studies have shown that humans are greatly affected by the aesthetic design of a space, determining their comfort level and whether or not they can be productive in that space. In a call center, it’s therefore important to use some vibrant colors, which have been shown to positively boost people’s moods. One good approach would be to use neutral desks with brightly colored chairs, for example, or to have brightly colored walls. Shapes are equally important in design, so using modern furniture, mirrors, or even pillows with interesting shapes can add to the vibrant feel of the call center. Don’t underestimate the power of nature either: many studies have shown the importance of having plants and flowers in the workplace to counter stress, while motivational posters can keep your team focused and ready to do their best. Lastly, warm lighting is always a good way to brighten employee spirit and is known to have a calming effect.

Comfort is critical. Since agents typically need to sit for long stretches at a time, ergonomics are vital in the call center. While ergonomic chairs are certainly a great solution, any ergonomic accessories—such as a computer mouse, keyboard, headset, or even a pen—can bring comfort and better productivity to the call center. Another popular trend in the greater workforce is the standing desk. The Mayo Clinic reports that 50-70% people spend six or more hours a day sitting, and many studies are showing how much sitting can lead to serious health problems due to poor blood circulation. While it may not be a solution for everyone, giving call center employees the option to work from a standing desk is one to way increase their movement and ultimately their productivity. Holding standing meetings and encouraging walking breaks are also good solutions.

Give your employees space. As call centers are often noisy places, it’s always good to give your employees a quiet space where they can relax on their breaks. Setting up a nice lounge is a great way to show appreciation for their well-being and encourage employees to socialize during their downtime. For training and meeting purposes, open spaces are also a good way to give a sense of collaboration to your company by not making employees feel that departments are too separated from one another. Encourage team collaboration and spirit by establishing collaborative workspaces as well. Lastly, as much as possible, make sure employees have access to natural light by keeping them near windows, as this is critical to one’s mood and a way of making an indoor space feel bigger and more relaxing.

By showing your call center agents and managers that you care about their health and happiness in the workplace, they will be powerfully motivated to work well and feel loyal to the company. Workplace design plays a major role in your employees’ comfort, which will lead to greater productivity, retention, and ultimately better customer service.

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