Your Average Customer Manages Three E-mail Accounts

Your customers are overwhelmed, and now, research is proving this to be truer than ever. Think about it: As we continue to technologically progress, customers are being given more and more channels for managing and maintaining their daily affairs, which translates to more channels for your contact center to connect and engage through.As unbelievable as it now seems, 10 years ago, Facebook was still being brewed in the mind of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University, there was no such thing as Twitter and the iPhone had not yet been introduced to the world. There was, however, one form of communication that was being widely used 10 years ago and still is today…e-mail. In fact, e-mail is so widely used that the average social networkers is believed to be managing three separate e-mail addresses.According to a joint 2013 study commissioned by MyLife.com and Harris Interactive, 42 percent of all participants have multiple social media accounts, with 61 percent of them being aged 18-34. The research generally reveals that customers feel bombarded by a multitude of forms of communication. Consider that:·         The average customer manages about three e-mail addresses – up from about two last year.·         Nearly three in five (58 percent) of survey participants wish that there was a solution to better help them use, monitor and protect all of their social networking profiles and e-mails at once.·         More than half of social network users experience F.O.M.O or Fear of Missing Out.Things have changed quite a bit for customer service over the last decade. What should this represent for the contact center manager or decision-maker? The need for a call center solution that supports multi-channel integration that is effective and simple for customers to utilize and rely upon. Click here to explore your options.

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