Your Business Loses Over $9,000 a Year By Avoiding This One Thing

New research conducted by data visualization analytics tool SumAll shows that businesses can lose over $9,000 a year by not tweeting. Yes, tweeting. The numbers show that one single tweet generates an average $25.62 in revenue as opposed to not tweeting at all. Companies with a strong social media presence tweet at least once a day; when you do the math, this equals a potential $9,351you could be adding to – or losing from – your profit, all thanks to a post no more than 140 characters.

The lesson here? For all who think that sending posts via social media is not worth your time, now would certainly be the time to think again.

Even more, a company can generate an average $20.37 from a re-tweet. This means that a retailer who tweets about its newest sale is not only seeing more profit from simply clicking “tweet,” but in accumulating even just 20 re-tweets, it could realize hundreds more dollars without having to do essentially anything more. Even more, an Instagram follower is worth ten times what a Twitter follower is.

It’s no wonder the ROI of social media is your business will still exist in five years.

Before you get ahead of yourself and go on a social media sharing rampage, you need to take a step back and confirm a solid strategy. Why? You can’t simply send a hundred tweets or share dozens of photos and expect the money to roll in. You have to be thoughtful, careful and methodical as to how you enter today’s advanced social stratosphere.

This is where innovative, unified call center software comes into play. Investing in a digital, unified contact center helps you easily and naturally meet the needs of your customers via social media and plenty other unique communication channels, making every single customer contact a rare and profitable opportunity.

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