Your Customers Give You Plenty of Data: Are You Using It?

Jack has the same problem every time he dials into a customer contact center. Since he struggles to speak English, he can’t always understand the customer representative or automated list being offered. Oftentimes, as a result, he finds himself hanging up or being connected to the wrong department. Needless to say, it’s an incredibly frustrating experience.

So, imagine how good Jack will feel when he dials into your company and your automated system picks up on his cell phone number, immediately transferring him to a Spanish speaking assistant. This small yet crucial customer service feature of your call center software will go a long way in turning Jack into a loyal customer for your enterprise.

Without the ability to connect to internal marketing data generated through previous interactions, this type of customer service is all but impossible to provide. But, when customer contact center managers are able to connect with such data, service can be dramatically enhanced.

Information related to demographics, family and personal preferences can all be saved in one comprehensive, readily-available database, being made accessible to contact center agents before a call is even picked up or a conversation is even commenced. This way, customers do not have to repeatedly supply the same information ad nauseam. Basic processes can be streamlined for quick and efficient interactions.

As aggregated data from a recent GetApp infographic indicates, Jack is not alone in demanding greater customer service solutions. In fact, 40 percent of customers feel that human services need to be improved in contact centers. When information is stored and compounded with each interaction, customer service gets better and better with every conversation – making it a great way to give back to your customers.

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