Your Customers Love to Talk…Are You Listening?

In our world today, people love to talk. Experience – whether it is great service in a restaurant or awful service at a clothing store – is something people typically like to share with family and friends. As we all know, word of mouth can completely make or break a business, especially your call center. Because of this, the customer experience should be top priority…or else it’ll cost you.Honing in on your customer experience strategy can mean great things for your business, especially when you’re dealing with today’s evolved, “social” customer. More specifically, you’ll see a guaranteed positive impact on a number of online metrics including website traffic, referrals, conversion rates, average order value, revenue and customer lifetime value – all because of a positive call center conversation.Understanding the intricacies of customer demand is what leads to improved overall service. And improved overall service leads to sales. In fact, 58 percent of customers are more likely to tell their friends and recommend a company that delivers relevant customer service while 73 percent would consider purchasing again.It’s also important to correctly identify top pain points for your customers. For example,  customers reported that being put on hold isn’t the most frustrating aspect of the customer journey. Rather, 42 percent of customers revealed that having to repeatedly speak with multiple agents is what fires up their engines. Seeing how 60 percent of consumers are influenced by other consumers’ comments about companies, the last thing that you want to do is frustrate someone who is looking to you for help.Social media users have a few other reasons for utilizing these types of platforms:

  • 48 percent praise a company for a terrific service experience.
  • 47 percent share information about a service experience with a wider audience.
  • 43 percent vent frustration about a poor service experience.

Don’t let your customers reach their breaking point. Vocalcom’s disruptive, transformative call center software enables businesses to dodge these disastrous customer service bullets. To learn more, click here.

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