Your Guide to Unprecedented Social Media Customer Support – Empowering Virtual Agents

It seems like just a few years ago, social media functioned as little more than a way to keep in touch with old friends. Yet today in the year 2013, social media isn’t just something that should be utilized for work. In reality, those who ignore the many ways in which we can keep in touch with virtual contact center customers could be doing a lot of damage to their brand.

A recent infographic by Mediabistro pointed out some of the great ways to provide social customer service, all of which we believe in and utilize here at Vocalcom. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can improve social customer service within your virtual call center.

Have Confidence in Your Staff

When one of your virtual call center agents is working on the official company Twitter or Facebook account, there can be a hesitancy to act due to the awesome responsibility of representing your business with a tweet or Facebook message. Needless to say, it is absolutely critical that your staff feel empowered to make quick decisions and that they have a clear understanding of company policy on social media.

If you don’t put trust in your agents, it will become difficult for them to act quickly, which is essential when using social media.

“Social support team members must be trained to make decisions in the field,” notes social media expert Jerome Pineau. “Give them the tools and authority to do whatever it takes to wow customers.”

It takes courage to take the leap and empower agents in this way, but with the right virtual call center product, Vocalcom can help you along the way. Learn more about our transformative, disruptive virtual call center software by clicking here.

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