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Omni-channel contact center software solution to grow your business

Vocalcom’s multi-award winning cloud-based contact center and inside sales platform help businesses to drive a more effective sales team, and create effortless omnichannel customer experiences and journeys. With a strong track record of innovation and a never-ending desire to be the first, Vocalcom powers more than 1 billion of the world’s best customer experiences. Spanning over 128 countries and five continents, more than 3,700 companies trust Vocalcom to win more customers and build lasting relationships. Experience today, the world's most intuitive omnichannel contact center software. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Get in touch ›

    Contact Center Software: Foster a long term, full service relationship

  • Effortless contact center software for better customer service. We made our contact center software easy to use, because even the most sophisticated technology should feel simple. Our full-suite of contact center software can increase the potential of your call center, and streamline your operations by integrating your back-end processes, customer data, service agents, and customers on a single platform.
  • Greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. As the primary hub of customer interactions, the call center software is the strategic nerve center of your customer experience strategy. Our contact center software solution enables end-to-end management of the customer experience by unifying customer database, contextual knowledge, and interaction channels. Your agents are equipped to consistently deliver the very best in customer experiences across channels.
  • Easy for end users, agents and customers to use. Today customer’s want their service experience with your company to be one thing: EFFORTLESS. Vocalcom makes it happen. Service and support agents are much more productive when the information and tools they need are consolidated in a single spot. By combining this agent view with other contact center management features, our contact center software solution lets agents reduce the length of calls, increase first-call resolutions and respond in a personalized, loyalty-enhancing way.
  • Contact Center Solution with Multichannel Integration. To put together a multichannel call center software with traditional contact center software, you’ll need to interconnect a host of technologies from multiple vendors—a costly, and risky proposition. With our contact center software solution, your agents gain a single integrated platform to deliver outstanding support across all channels, wherever customers turn for service.
  • Contact Center Software with a Single View of All Customers' Interactions.

    • Smarter Contact Center Software. Responses don’t just need to be right; they need to be quick. With a single-click user interface, screen pops with data and context, and powerful multi-channel tools, our contact center software offers a 360° customer view and everything you need to speed up support, sales, and telemarketing activities.
    • The Unified Agent Desktop. The agent web app present a complete view to agents with helpful guided prompts and related solutions to help agents deliver in-depth response for customers with half the number of clicks and without much navigation. With our contact center software solution, even new agents can act as fast as seasoned pros—As a result, reduced training costs and faster onboarding.
    • Simple Customer Service Software. Contact center software from Vocalcom is the leading cloud contact center software solutions, bringing businesses and customers closer together. Our contact center software application makes it easy to communicate with your customers via their preferred channel with minimal customer effort. All of this is delivered with the simplicity and functionality required by a modern customer engagement.
    • contact Center Software to Spare. Here’s a key Vocalcom innovation you won’t find in ordinary contact center software : The agent workspace can automatically present related solutions to help agents quickly interpret and resolve customer inquiries. As a result, our call center software lets even new agents resolve issues as fast as seasoned pros.

Contact Center Software: Easy to Use and Make Changes (even for non-techies)

  • Contact Center Software Solution Evolves to the Cloud. Our contact center software is delivered in the cloud, by subscription, so you’re freed from the ongoing expense and headaches of running and maintaining IT infrastructure. There’s no need to buy hardware or software, no upgrades or maintenance fees. You pay only for what you use, and are always up-to-date with the latest capabilities available while leaving your IT ressources free.
  • A single Contact Center Platform Across All Your Locations. Our contact center software let you integrate remote offices, at-home agent, globally distributed workforces, multi-site locations, and outsourced locations so they operate seamlessly. Our contact center solution allow you to get the most productive and cost-effective agent arrangement for your business while connecting the next generation of apps, devices, and customers.
  • Contact Center Software: Agent collaboration. Customers get faster, better answers when they can speak to someone with relevant expertise. Our customer service software makes this connection happen with an array of sophisticated queuing tools. Unlike other contact center software solution, our flawless software makes it easy for agents to solve challenging customer issues by identifying and collaborating with other agents and staff.
  • Accessibility by Disabled Employees Our contact center software solution is compatible with JAWS screen reading software; and upon customer request, Vocalcom will make minor script modifications to our call center software without charge, subject to a limit of two hours of professional service time, to enable JAWS to better meet the customer’s needs.
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Making Customer Service Fast and Easy

Enter the effortless contact center software to turn each customer interaction into a positive business outcome. Our modern contact center software solution will help you meet your customers' demands at each stage of the customer lifecycle — and make delivering service effortless for your agents and provide effortless service experiences for your customers.

  • 66% of customers report that they primarily rely on the phone three years ago — Today, only 28%
  • 94% of customers will repurchase due to a low-effort experience — Customers value Ease
  • 42% of service agent are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to archaic user interface, and multiple applications.
  • Customers need more than convenient access to customer service; they need a level of genuine human interaction that drive positive experience. «Delight» increase operating costs 10-20% - and only happen 16% of the time. However, recent studies show 29% of consumers prefer online customer service, and 62% have used social media. Get Ready for the Shift!

    *Source: CEB Analysis

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    Contact Center Software

    Simple to use, cloud-based contact center

    Deliver Effortless Omnichannel Customer Experiences
    One desktop for all customers interactions.
    Our technology has evolved into something new
    An omnichannel customer interaction platform that makes every conversation an amazing experience.

    Get Ready Now for Omnichannel Customer Service

    Make it fast, easy and personal. Vocalcom's omnichannel contact center platform empowers companies to create differentiated customer experiences, journeys and relationships. Vocalcom connects everything you know about your customers to every interaction you have with them for much more successful conversations. It provides full visibility and valuable context in the customer journey across all channels and interactions for delivering more personal and faster service — A single interface for all customer interactions. Serve Better ›

    [All-in-one From Day One]
    Create a seamless customer experience with a fully integrated solution within Salesforce, Zendesk and many others
    customer service software

    More Dials, More Conversations

    Vocalcom for sales is the most reliable and functionally-rich sales dialer built for all sales teams. It not only enables more calls to happen, it ensures sales reps make calls that drive conversations to actionable next steps. Sales reps are more productive with phone, email, and text communication tools on a single screen within your CRM. More productive calls, faster win rates, and real-time reporting insights make Vocalcom sales acceleration platform a must have tool for any sales team. A powerful platform to contact, connect and close more deals. Sell. More. Faster ›

    [Reach your customers - All of them]
    Boost sales performance with automated dialing, intelligent lead prioritization, and instant automation
    Get it all together. In one place.
    Vocalcom helps your people build relationships that lead to more successful conversation and happier customers
    20+ Years of customer
    engagement leadership
    550,000+ Users in 47+ countries
    across five continents
    3,700+ Companies trust us
    with their customers
    10 Billion Interactions
    processed annually

    World-class omnichannel contact center with no upfront investment

    What makes Vocalcom customer contact technology stand out is that in addition to making omnichannel interactions simple for agents and customers, it comes with boundless customization. Vocalcom brings all customer conversation to one place, removing the separation between communication channels and CRM while maintaining personalized contextual communications across all channels. So, your team works smarter and performs better while your customers get the answers they seek quickly and reliably. Vocalcom's cloud contact center gives you the power to deliver a personalized service and make the service experience effortless.

    A New Breed of Contact Contact Software