5 Customer Expectations Your Brand Needs to Meet

What do customers really want? As technology changes the ways in which they interact with brands, expectations continue to shift. While many companies are embracing tools such as artificial intelligence to drive better experiences, customers still seek a human touch and the assurance that any technology used is truly for their benefit. Here are five expectations your brand needs to meet to satisfy all customers.

Technology that simplifies the customer experience

Customers are not afraid of using technology to find answers or complete tasks. According to Location World, 40% of adults now use a virtual assistant such as Siri or Alexa once per day. These habits also extend to their interactions with businesses. Chatbots Magazine states that 67% of people expect to use messaging apps when engaging with a brand. When implementing any kind of technology, always ask if it will serve the customer well. Your chatbots should be able to answer questions promptly or complete a purchase without difficulty. IVR menus should route customers seamlessly to qualified agents. A live chat invitation must be well-timed and assist the customer when he needs help the most. Use technology to simplify your customers’ lives.

The option to speak to an agent

Self-service options are excellent for saving customers effort. However, there are times when customers simply want to speak to humans. According to Glance, 67% of customers hang up the phone when they are unable to reach a service representative. For this reason, your customers need to know that there is always someone available to help them. If you are using chatbots to provide service, make sure that human agents work alongside them. When placing customers on hold, keep the waiting time to a minimum. Lastly, make sure that IVR menus direct customers to the correct departments, and always offer the option of speaking directly to an agent if there is a problem navigating the menu.

Seamless interactions

The best omnichannel experiences are seamless ones. When customers experience difficulty finding information or switching channels, your brand image suffers. Accenture states that 89% of customers become frustrated when they need to repeat information to multiple agents. Kampyle further cites that 87% of customers think brands need to offer more consistent experiences. Ensure that your brand offers quality content and accurate information across all channels, and be sure to optimize your mobile site as well.

A relationship built on trust

Is your brand worthy of your customers’ trust? These days, it’s critical to comply with laws that protect customer data. In addition to keeping customers informed about when and how their data is used, take steps to empower them. For example, always follow up a purchase with a detailed order confirmation summary. When communicating on a public channel such as Twitter or Facebook, make sure that agents do not share personal details and are quick to move customers to a private channel. Sending a consistent brand message is also important for building trust. If your company offers a promotion on its website, other channels must offer the same information. If your brand statement mentions a commitment to eco-friendly practices, your products should reflect that principle. Customers must be able to identify your purpose and feel confident in your practices no matter which channel they use.

Personalized experiences

Customers seek personalized experiences that match their tastes. Offering them products and services based on their preferences is one way to do so. Marketing materials should be tailored to their individual needs, and communications should take place on their preferred channels. According to Salesforce, 75% of customers will want to shop with companies that offer personalized experiences by 2020.Every customer relationship needs to be nurtured. Take the time to understand what your customers want, and tailor your practices to meet their needs. When you listen closely to their expectations and deliver great service consistently, you will earn their confidence and win their long-term support.

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