5 Tips for Creating Effective Customer Feedback Surveys

Knowing how your customers feel is essential to giving them the best service possible. But does your brand know which questions to ask, or how to best reach your customers? Customer feedback surveys need to be well-crafted, and the channel of delivery is vital to engaging efficiently with your customers. Here are five tips for creating effective customer feedback surveys that will yield the most valuable insights.

Ask specific questions for more insightful feedback

Generic questions simply don’t provide enough information for improving customer service. Asking questions that are specific to the customer experience can yield more insightful comments. For example, consider asking questions such as how efficient the self-service options were, if the customer service agent was able to answer all questions, and if the case was resolved in a satisfactory manner. If the customer wishes to answer negatively to any questions, give him the space to explain his answers.

Let customers express themselves

In addition to providing customers with the space to comment on their negative answers, give them free-response questions to let them better express themselves. For example, ask open-ended questions such as how your brand may improve service or which channel they prefer and why. Free-response questions encourage your customers to give their honest opinions and show that your brand cares to know how they feel.

Use the right channels to make contact

One of the most crucial tips for customer feedback surveys is making sure to deliver them on the right channels. Don’t use one standard channel for sending all surveys: Make sure to send them on your customers’ preferred channels. Adapt them to each channel by making them easy to access and fill out, such as using an easily clickable link or simple touch menu for providing answers. Reaching out to customers on preferred channels increases the likelihood of their response while showing them that you care about making the customer experience seamless.

Follow up with customers

When surveys have been sent, make sure to let your customers know that their time and opinions are appreciated. Follow up with a note of receipt of their survey (once again on the preferred channel). In addition, consider taking your appreciation a step further by reaching out to customers when your brand has actually acted upon their suggestions. For example, if a social media channel has been improved or a list of frequently asked questions has been updated, reach out to those customers who asked for improvements and acknowledge the changes that have been made. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and feel satisfied to know that their opinions really count.

Use surveys to improve global customer service practices

Improving the global customer experience is the main goal of sending surveys, but it starts with the individuals involved. Use surveys as material for helping individual agents and departments revise their practices, such as consulting them during agent mentoring and training sessions as well as department meetings. Surveys are valuable tools for helping agents perform their best while giving departments a better view of what practices may be improved for overall success. Customer feedback surveys are an ideal way to understand the needs and wishes of your customers. By taking the time to understand their thoughts and making it easy for them to express themselves, your brand can revitalize the customer experience for long-term success.

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