5 Tips for Driving Sales Agent Success

Sales agents may be motivated to do their job well, but they need the right tools to help them perform at their best. Peer support, technology, and regular training are all essential to helping agents achieve their goals and driving brand success. Here are five ways companies can empower sales agents to reach their optimal performance.

Help them develop their interpersonal skills

No matter what the agent’s personality may be, interpersonal skills can be acquired and polished through training. An extroverted sales agent, for example, might still need to work on developing a call greeting that is not too aggressive, whereas a more introverted agent may have the calm presence needed to make customers comfortable and need to work on conveying enthusiasm instead. Recording sales agent calls can help supervisors identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Revise call scripts regularly

In addition to using a friendly tone of voice, agents must also choose their words carefully. Greetings should be polite and professional in a way that keeps the customer interested. For example, an agent may begin by asking a potential customer if he has a few minutes to talk and then stating that the customer may be interested in the agent’s offer. The rest of the call script should also enable dialogue between the agent and prospect—agents should always allow customers to respond. Supervisors should work with agents to revise call scripts regularly, as this keeps the content fresh and relevant and ensures a good conversational flow that will keep prospects interested.

Encourage healthy competition

Gamification is a great tool for motivating agents and boosting their productivity. Teams may be created to compete against one another, and agents may also be rewarded for their individual efforts. Agents can discuss their strengths and weaknesses and share their best practices with one another, creating a team spirit while driving brand success.

Use advanced technologies for better performance

Agent efficiency can be maximized with the use of advanced call center technologies. Predictive dialers, for example, may help agents bypass obstacles such as fax machines, answering machines, and disconnected phone lines to increase the chances of reaching the strongest prospects. Predictive dialers that integrate CRM software predict the best times to call leads, organize data on prospective customers and sales history in one place, and offer comprehensive performance analysis tools—making it easier to optimize sales and marketing practices.

Give agents an optimal work environment

Call center agents have a stressful job, whether they are working in sales or customer service. Giving them comfortable workspaces is essential to helping them stay motivated and productive. Ergonomic furniture and noise-cancelling headsets are great tools for ensuring their comfort and helping them place calls with less difficulty. Customers should be able to hear agents speaking without excessive background noise, and agents should similarly be able to speak in a natural voice that does not sound too loud or aggressive. Lastly, giving agents quiet spaces to relax during breaks and mingle with other agents is great for keeping them relaxed. Being a successful sales agent requires more than talent and motivation. With peer support, mentoring, and the assistance of powerful technologies, every sales agent can deliver his best and drive the success of his brand.

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