5 Tips for Great Customer Communication

Building strong relationships with your customers begins with great communication. Whether customers contact your brand for a service issue or sales assistance, your agents should always take an approach that makes customers feel confident and appreciated. Here are five communication tips that will delight your customers and win their trust for the long-term.

Humanize each interaction

Every exchange should begin with a friendly yet professional greeting that personalizes the experience. Agents should introduce themselves, address the customer by name, and provide a short introduction that thanks the customer for reaching out and assures him that the agent is there to help. Putting customers at ease makes it possible to better assist them and earn their trust.

Be a great listener

Agents may be tempted to start asking questions right away, but it’s essential to listen first. Customers should be invited to explain their situation, even if the agent already has background information on the customer or a solution to offer. By listening first, agents allow the customer’s voice to be heard and may also learn pertinent information that can help them find a solution. Customer comments can later be used to identify important service issues that the brand can improve for a better overall experience.

Use positive language

Customers feel empowered when they hear positive language, especially when they find themselves in a difficult situation. Agents should therefore avoid using any negative or doubtful language that shows an inability or unwillingness to help. If an agent needs to find more information to better assist the customer, he should use positive phrases such as “Let me find out for you” or “I would be happy to assist you.” In addition, using words that show empathy such as “I understand” or “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” once again humanizes the experience and shows respect for the customer.

Give clear and concise responses

Agents need to strike a balance between giving thorough answers and keeping their messages clear and concise. It’s imperative to simplify technical language to help customers understand, and all explanations should be relevant and clearly explained. Customers value their time, so long or excessive comments from agents can be frustrating. Throughout each exchange, agents should also check to make sure customers understand and ask if they have any additional questions.

Take proactive measures

When a customer begins to explain a situation, an agent may proactively access the customer’s profile in order to assist him more efficiently. This saves everyone time and shows an effort to personalize the customer experience. If a customer has experienced any kind of inconvenience, the agent should apologize for the situation and proactively offer some kind of compensation. Similarly, offering customers detailed information before they ask—such as order tracking information or links to online support manuals—shows an eagerness to help customers and makes them feel confident about your brand. Clear and friendly communication with customers is essential to winning their trust. By offering a personalized and efficient approach, their loyalty can be won for the long-term.

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