5 Tips for Optimum Video Customer Engagement

Video has been a popular medium for ages, but its potential for customer engagement has truly soared in recent times. The popularity of messaging platforms that integrate video calling such as Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and, most recently, Facebook Messenger, is a testament to the way a traditional channel can be used to enhance modern communications. Similarly, video has also become a rich channel for delivering information: The tremendous popularity of YouTube has demonstrated how people can be educated and entertained with the mere click of a button. On that note, video is an ideal channel for engaging customers in multiple ways, whether it be for service, marketing, or generally winning over customers for true brand advocacy. Here are five tips for optimum video customer engagement that will delight your customers.

Offer personalized service with video chat.

Video chat is a dynamic way to offer customers personalized service. A Statista study found that 61% of U.S. cell phone owners between the ages of 18 and 29 had used video chat or call services from their mobile devices, followed by 42% among adults aged 30-49. Customers love the humanized and efficient nature of video chat, as they are given a timesaving yet comprehensive customer experience. In addition, video chat is perfect for helping your customers in the middle of product research, helping them make decisions and leading to greater sales conversions. In today’s era of conversational commerce, video chat integrated into messaging apps is also ideal for optimizing customer engagement.

Enable self-service through video.

Save your customers time and energy by helping them help themselves. Tutorials are an important aspect of video customer engagement, empowering customers to find detailed information more quickly. As a complement to FAQs on a brand website, use video to educate customers by offering tutorials or fun question and answer sessions. For example, answering frequently asked questions in a video featuring actual employees can help your brand engage more personally with customers. Videos tutorials may similarly demonstrate solutions to technical issues with visuals that illustrate and simplify the support process.

Integrate video into brand marketing strategies.

Video customer engagement is especially promising for marketing purposes. Given the rising popularity of social media for customer engagement, invite your customers to take a deeper look at your brand behind the scenes or in fun and unexpected ways. For example, videos that show how products are made, reveal a preview of a new retail clothing collection, or feature celebrities interacting with your brand can attract the attention of both current and potential customers. In addition, why not tell your brand story through engaging video content? Every brand has a story, and customers are often curious to learn it. Show your brand’s origins, highlight major milestones, feature interviews, and illustrate your brand values through video.

Showcase your brand advocates.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level by using video to feature brand advocates. Enthusiastic customers may be more than willing to participate in videos made by your brand or even wish to make them on their own. Turn it into a fun contest that rewards the best customer-generated videos that show their love for your brand, and share them on your website and social channels.

Educate your customers with brand-related content.

It’s always good to show customers that your brand is not just interested in itself. Make an effort to share compelling video content from other sources that complements your brand, such as industry news or interesting social commentary that reflects your brand values. Keeping your customers informed about brand-related issues shows you have a global view of your industry and want to share your insights and discoveries with your customers. Video customer engagement offers multiple ways to connect with your customers and serve them when support is needed most.

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