5 Ways AI Can Drive Proactive Customer Service

While artificial intelligence helps brands deliver personalized customer experiences, the technology also offers another major benefit: proactive customer service.Artificial intelligence can analyze customer data, empowering companies to solve problems before they arise while giving customers richer experiences. Here are five ways in which your brand may use AI to deliver proactive customer service.

Understand customers’ purchasing habits

AI is a powerful tool for helping customers make purchasing decisions. First, use AI to analyze customer data and determine their research and buying habits. Then, use the technology to offer customers personalized recommendations based on their purchase history. Understanding your customers’ behavior is critical to identifying opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. AI essentially allows your brand to offer customers what they really want with great accuracy and precision.

Use text analytics to offer superior service

When AI technology includes a text analytics tool, companies can understand which customer issues need to be addressed most urgently. For example, text analytics may identify recurring words that appear on channels such as social media and determine if there is a service problem that is affecting your customers frequently. Your company may use this knowledge to address issues before they occur again. You may also identify information that can be used to offer more personalized service. If a customer’s birthday is mentioned, for example, you may reach out proactively and offer a small gesture.

Make self-service more efficient

Customers can save time when they use self-service, but only if processes are truly optimized. AI can make self-service work seamlessly by helping customers complete simple tasks. For example, chatbots may assist customers who wish to update their personal information or seek an answer to a frequently asked question. AI may also be used to make IVR menus function more efficiently, routing customers to qualified agents as quickly as possible.

Determine when human assistance is needed

At times, artificial intelligence may be needed to determine when humans need to intervene. For example, a chatbot may begin a conversation with a customer and find that the case is too complex to handle on its own. The chatbot may then refer the customer to an agent who can provide more in-depth service.

Keep customers updated

Lastly, AI is essential to keeping customers informed proactively. Your company may keep customers updated about delivery times, order status, and even when their favorite products go on sale. Many industries also use AI to keep customers informed in ways that save them time and effort. For example, many airlines are using this technology to help customers check in for flights more efficiently and notify them when there are schedule changes. Banks also offer virtual assistants to help customers keep track of their finances and even make investing decisions. AI is therefore a powerful tool for staying one step ahead of your customers and giving them great service proactively. According to Oracle, 8 out of 10 companies have already implemented or plan to adopt artificial intelligence as a customer service solution by 2020. By using AI to offer your customers products of interest, rapid solutions, and personalized experiences, you are giving them the best proactive service possible.

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