5 Ways to Boost Your Net Promoter Score

Of all the metrics measured in the contact center, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most telling for long-term customer loyalty. While surveys and customer satisfaction scores reveal your clientele’s feelings about products and specific service interactions, the NPS offers a comprehensive view of their sentiments regarding their overall experiences with your brand. To boost your NPS and turn your customers into loyal brand advocates, consider these five tips.

Streamline service across departments

Customers seek seamless experiences. When they are transferred too often between agents or departments due to failed internal communications, everyone’s time is wasted. Your company must ensure that data is managed and shared efficiently with the help of a CRM solution, so that agents may offer better service. With that said, always aim to provide quality experiences. While having a central database will undoubtedly reduce average handling time, remember that first contact resolution is more important for earning customer loyalty. Customers prefer to make contact once and find the answers they are seeking.

Analyze Voice of the Customer data

Understanding how your customers feel is essential to giving them great experiences. A comprehensive review of Voice of the Customer data will reveal all the ways in which your company could better address customer needs. Social listening tools, surveys, and transcripts from service interactions can all shed light on customer expectations.

Remember the human touch

To make every experience truly personalized and memorable, add a human touch. Customers should feel it’s a pleasure to engage with your company. Employees should be trained to sharpen their interpersonal skills and use positive language. Web copy and marketing communications should also feature a natural, friendly tone that reflects how your customers actually speak. And don’t neglect your employees either—they also need to feel appreciated. Their feedback needs to be taken seriously, and they should be given professional development opportunities as well as rewards for their efforts. Employee satisfaction is crucial to customer satisfaction.

Encourage customers to share their opinions

Instead of merely responding to online comments, be proactive and encourage your customers to talk about your brand. Create a feedback forum on your website where they can freely discuss their thoughts. You may also ask customers to leave recommendations and reviews on your social media channels. Offering incentives can further persuade quiet customers to become more vocal advocates. Employ customer service agents with strong conversational skills to work on these channels, as they will keep the dialogue pertinent and interesting while stirring up enthusiasm for your brand.

Follow up with customers after they provide feedback

When your customers provide feedback, they are giving you their time and offering valuable insights. To win their attention and respect, begin by making the process easy, such as keeping surveys short. But the most important thing you can do is a step that many brands ignore: Contacting customers again once improvements have been made. For example, if a customer mentions that it takes too long to reach an agent by phone, your company may inform him once the IVR menu has been redesigned to route callers more efficiently. Showing your customers that their suggestions led to concrete actions is a sure way to win their loyalty. Customer loyalty can only happen when your company works as a team. By establishing clear communications, addressing customer emotions, and humanizing each experience, you can boost your Net Promoter Score and earn the admiration of your customers.

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