5 Ways to Optimize Live Chat

Live chat has long been an ideal channel for offering proactive customer service. When customers are browsing your website, offering them immediate assistance can mean the difference between customer attrition and loyalty. With its timesaving benefits and personalized nature, live chat is essential to every brand’s omnichannel strategy. Here are five ways to optimize live chat for true customer satisfaction.

Send invitations promptly

To offer customers the best support possible, send chat invitations promptly. An invitation should be sent after a customer has been browsing a webpage for no more than ten seconds. In this manner, he will not waste time looking for answers. In addition, if he needs support during the purchase process, a chat invitation can help close a sale. Be sure to use analytical tools to determine the most popular webpages on your brand website that may benefit from live chat.

Keep the conversation relevant.

Agents should keep chat conversations precise and to the point. After making an introduction, an agent should ask the customer to explain his needs. The agent should then proceed to offer solutions that directly answer the customer’s problem. While a conversational tone is always important for setting customers at ease, long and irrelevant dialogues waste everyone’s time.

Train agents to master the channel.

Live chat demands several particular skills. Agents who work on this channel must be able to keep a conversational tone while providing only pertinent information. For this reason, training in soft skills is a must, as agents should be able to keep a friendly tone and handle delicate situations when the customer may be upset or frustrated. In addition, agents must learn to simplify technical terms so that a customer can follow a dialogue easily.

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Inform customers when there is a pause.

Sometimes, it is necessary to put a customer on hold. If an agent needs further assistance or needs time to look up information, he should notify the customer right away. A successful chat depends on a natural flow of conversation, so the customer should never be left to wait without knowing what the agent is working on.

Integrate artificial intelligence.

As with messaging apps, live chat can be improved with the use of artificial intelligence. Customers may have simple demands that can be resolved quickly with the assistance of a chatbot or virtual assistant. For example, if a customer wants to know if a specific product is in stock, artificial intelligence can help find information quickly. If a customer’s case requires more detailed support, an agent may step in and complete the conversation.Live chat is an excellent channel for meeting real-time customer needs. Through comprehensive agent training and the implementation of advanced technologies, live chat can provide your customers with the timely support they need.

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