5 Ways to Win Customer Trust

Winning the loyalty of customers begins with earning their trust. As the customer experience becomes increasingly sophisticated due to the many technologies and channels in use these days, brands are likely to overwhelm their customers rather than delight them if a clear strategy is not in place. Earning customer trust is therefore a matter of making omnichannel customer experience truly seamless, effortless, and always customer-centric. Here are five essential ways to win customer trust for long-term loyalty.

Give them a secure customer experience

From communicating in public on social media to making purchases through apps, customers are consistently asked to trust the brands they engage with. For this reason, brands should do the maximum to make sure their customers’ faith is justified. Social media exchanges should never mention personal customer data, and customers should be given the right to switch to a more private channel when they wish. As for purchases, customers especially need peace of mind when credit card information is being shared. Indicate to customers that all sales interactions are secure by indicating the names of established online payment systems, having a password system in place before purchase, and following up each purchase with a detailed confirmation receipt.

Focus on providing real-time service

Real-time service applies to both humans and technologies used in the customer experience. While agents should be trained to deliver prompt responses on all channels, contact center technologies should reflect current brand issues and be regularly monitored to make sure they are working properly. For example, IVR menus should be regularly updated to make sure customers are being routed to the most appropriate agent. In addition, the menu choices should reflect any current issues, such as information on product recalls or quick access to promotional offers. Prioritized callbacks may also help abandon hold times, saving customers time. Giving customers quick responses through optimized practices is essential to winning their trust.

Keep customers informed proactively

Proactive service wins customer loyalty as it saves them time and effort. This can include letting them know when agents are available to chat, when website maintenance has been scheduled, and if delivery delays are anticipated during the holidays. The idea is to always be a step ahead of the customer and eliminate any potential obstacles to a seamless and effortless experience.

Deliver on your promises

The most trustworthy brands are those that deliver on their promises. When a customer is promised a callback at a certain time, a delivery on a certain date, or a promotional offer, always follow through. This is especially important if a service case is taking a long time to resolve, as the customer will need to stay informed as the solution is being sought. Never keep your customers guessing if you will follow through with a promise. Instead, surpass their expectations by offering even more than initially promised, such as shipping a product sooner or offering a special discount to thank customers for their loyalty.

Engage in a dialogue

Regular communication with customers shows you care about them. Reach out to them through regular surveys to better understand how you can improve your brand. Follow up with unhappy customers on social media, and be sure to answer their questions publicly to show everyone that you are serious about handling the situation and don’t wish to hide concerns. It’s also essential to engage in conversation with satisfied customers to acknowledge their loyalty and win their advocacy. Lastly, sending thank you notes on their preferred channels, perhaps accompanied by a promotional offer, is a great way to show how much they mean to your brand. Building customer trust is all about paying attention to the little details. Well-timed communications, proactive measures, and an overall dedication to making customers happy can go a long way toward winning their trust and loyalty for the long-term. 

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