6 Habits of a Customer-Centric Brand

For any company that is seriously invested in long-term success, perfecting the customer experience should be a priority. Customers reward the brands that are devoted to them: According to ThinkJar, 55% are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience. And the statistics back up this assertion: Dimension Data cites that 84% of organizations working to improve customer service have an increase in revenue. To really make your customers the focal point of your brand, adopt these six customer-centric habits right away.

Listen to your customers.

Whenever your customers have something to say, pay close attention. What they are saying about your brand—whether to others or to you directly—can help you offer the experiences they really want. Analyze your customer service interactions by looking at call and chat transcripts, social media exchanges, texts, and emails. Of course, be sure to ask for their feedback and read over their surveys regularly. When your company solves issues that they have brought to your attention, reach out to them, so they know that their opinions have been heard.

Map out their journey.

Customer journey maps enable you to figure out any loopholes in your service and take steps to correct them proactively. These maps allow you to really view your brand from the customer’s perspective and build a strong omnichannel experience. For example, you might discover that the transition from one channel to another is less than seamless and that agents on those channels need to improve their communication.

Make self-service a part of the omnichannel experience.

Customers love to save time, and self-service offers an ideal solution. Empower them to help themselves with efficient IVR menus, artificial intelligence that assists with simple demands, comprehensive lists of frequently asked questions, and discussion forums that encourage customers to help one another.

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Test your tools.

Technology may play a significant role in creating great customer experiences, but you should always test to see if it is actually helping your customers. IVR menus should be checked frequently to ensure that people are routed promptly to the correct agents. Chatbots should only be used for tasks that they are truly able to complete—anything too complicated can turn off your customers. Also consider using A/B testing for email templates and call scripts to determine which communication styles appeal to customers.

Personalize the experience.

Make each customer feel like every experience was created just for him. Such personalization starts with the simple gesture of addressing customers by name on all communications. As you get to know your customers’ interests, you can make product recommendations based on their browsing and purchase history. Technologies such as Vocalcom’s predictive behavioral routing—powered by artificial intelligence—ensures that customers are matched with agents who share a common communication style and personality while possessing the right skills for meeting that customer’s needs.

Educate and motivate your staff.

Your brand can only be customer-centric if your entire organization is on board. Give your employees the knowledge and motivation they need to make your company succeed. Offer regular training, and be sure to pair them with mentors who can offer them support and advice when needed. Professional development opportunities are also excellent for their empowerment.

Lastly, always share customer feedback with them, and be sure to ask for their input as well. Their experiences are critical to your overall understanding of customers’ feelings, and their insights will help your company make improvements. With every decision you make as a company, ask if your customers will truly benefit. By always considering your brand strategy from the customer’s perspective, you will ensure that your company is continuously devoted to offering the solutions that your customers really need.

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