Using Personality Mapping to Generate an ROI Unheard of for Contact Center Solutions

While some may think that AI is gradually replacing the human element of customer experience, new innovations in AI are actually bringing humans closer together. With Vocalcom’s AI-powered predictive behavioral routing, customers are matched with agents based on common personality traits to create rich and personalized conversations with a powerful human connection.

How do personality mapping and predictive behavioral routing work?

Predictive behavioral routing is based on a simple concept: Personalities that click together foster greater dialogue. When two people establish a personal connection, conversations become smoother and more natural.

In the context of customer experience, this means giving customers the understanding and support they need when contacting a business. Through the use of the Process Communication Model—one of the world’s most groundbreaking models for analyzing personality and learning how and why people communicate—Vocalcom has turned the art of understanding customer personality into a veritable science. Unlike skills-based routing, which uses criteria set ahead of time, predictive behavioral routing combines both historical and real-time data with artificial intelligence to determine the many important factors that influence customer interactions with agents. Since PCM is language-based, Vocalcom can capture customer personality data passively without obligating the user to complete a survey. Using text or voice, Vocalcom’s AI technology can determine a customer’s psychological and emotional needs, communication preferences, and personality profile through a comprehensive analysis of customer interactions. Similar data collected on agents’ personalities combined with information regarding their interaction history, skills, and knowledge enables the prediction of a perfect match between customer and agent. As a conversation progresses, the technology gives agents real-time advice on the best way to continue the dialogue.

What are the benefits of predictive behavioral routing?

Predictive behavioral routing brings numerous benefits to the contact center and your business.

  1. When customers enjoy meaningful conversations with agents that lead to faster outcomes, higher satisfaction scores are a natural result.
  2. This can further lead to the optimization of other contact center KPIs, such as improved first contact resolution and reduced average handling times.
  3. When it comes to sales, every business knows that a customer’s comfort during a conversation is essential. If a sales agent’s personality does not match well with a customer’s—for example, if he is too aggressive, passive, or does not listen attentively—the chances for a sale decrease dramatically. For this reason, predictive behavioral routing may lead to significantly improved sales conversions as the customer can have a true dialogue that leads him to purchase.

Vocalcom continues to transform the customer experience with its advanced implementation of artificial intelligence. By continuing to improve and perfect its machine-learning algorithm, Vocalcom ensures that customers are given the most optimal experience every time they interact with an agent. With AI-powered Predictive Behavioral Routing, customers and agents are paired effortlessly to engage in exceptional conversations that lead to greater customer satisfaction.

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