6 Simple Ways to Personalize Customer Relationships

If relationships are personal by nature, what does that mean for your customer relations? Quite simply, today’s customers seek authentic connections with brands that make them feel like valued individuals. It’s not enough to treat them kindly—they expect your company to understand their needs and deliver the products and services they actually want. According to Monetate, 79% of organizations that have exceeded revenue goals possess a documented personalization strategy. To build strong customer relationships and drive brand success, it’s time to consider these six tips.

Use a tone that matches the customer’s personality

Knowing how to speak to customers is key to personalizing business relationships. For example, a customer who prefers short and direct communications differs in personality from one who enjoys having longer conversations and sharing opinions. With a little effort, your brand may learn about your customers’ personalities, take notes, and ensure that your agents speak to them in a tone that puts them at ease.

Match customers to agents with the appropriate skills

Once your brand is aware of your customers’ personality types, make an effort to match customers to agents with the most appropriate skills. While agents may be trained to work with customers of all temperaments, certain agents may be better qualified than others to manage, for example, customers with particularly complex cases that cause anxiety or frustration.

Ask about their preferences

Empower your customers by listening to their needs. Ask them how they would like to be addressed, and make sure agents always use these preferred names. Take note of their favorite contact channels, and use them for all communications. As for marketing offers, give customers the option to choose the time and frequency of these communications while enabling them to opt out when they wish. Asking your customers about their preferences both personalizes the experience and builds their confidence in your brand.

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Understand their backgrounds and have authentic conversations

Understanding your customers’ backgrounds helps personalize each relationship. Does your customer mention children frequently? Has he recently moved to a new city? Rather than asking personal questions that customers might find intrusive, listen closely to the details they share willingly and incorporate them into conversations. Asking a customer how his children are doing or welcoming him to a new home may immediately make him feel that your brand values him as a person.

Make kind and unexpected gestures

 Showing your brand’s appreciation is a great way to personalize your customer relations. For example, your company might send follow-up messages to customers after each purchase or service interaction to thank them and offer further assistance if needed. In addition to loyalty programs and promotional events, sending notes and rewards on customer birthdays is also a good idea. Lastly, remember that proactive measures that eliminate customer effort are always welcome gestures—if your brand can communicate any important information before the customer asks for it, be sure to do so.

Create personalized content

To create personalized content, your company might begin by simply recommending products or services your customers may like based on their purchase history. In addition, you may consider sharing blog or video content on favorite channels or personalizing the promotions that appear for customers when they access your company’s website or mobile app. Indeed, Kibo cites that personalized home page promotions influenced 85% of consumers to purchase, while personalized shopping cart recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online.With the numerous options customers face today, they may feel overwhelmed and abandon brands when unsatisfied. For this reason, the companies that make a dedicated effort to build genuine relationships with their customers are the ones that win trust and loyalty. With a personal approach, your brand will stand out and forge the authentic connections your customers are looking for.

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