6 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email is a highly effective digital marketing channel, with many companies praising its tremendous potential for driving sales and customer loyalty. TNW News cites that 54% of digital marketers consider email their most effective channel. Marketing Sherpa further cites that 72% of U.S. adults prefer communicating with companies through email. However, being successful on this channel requires a focused approach and attention to customer preferences. Here are six tips for creating successful email marketing campaigns your customers will appreciate.

Take a personalized approach

Always address customers by name, as it fosters a more personalized and humanized relationship with them and shows their value as individuals. When deciding which customers to approach for an email marketing campaign, it’s essential to analyze their behaviors first. Taking a close look at their purchase history and analyzing their feedback can help your brand determine how campaigns should be targeted. Customers will appreciate receiving emails that reference the purchases they have made or the suggestions they have offered in surveys.

Time your campaigns effectively

Strategic timing is critical to your campaigns. For example, sending emails post-purchase can be helpful to upselling or cross-selling efforts when the memory of the purchase is still recent for the customer. Emails may also be sentto announce new upcoming products of potential interest or promotional offers. In any case, good timing ensures that customers receive offers when they are most likely to want them.

Make the content relevant and visually appealing

Customers are often pressed for time, and those who do open your emails may only scan them quickly. For this reason, creating emails that are to the point and visually appealing can drive your customers to action. Make sure your content is clear, concise, and free of any spelling or grammatical errors. In addition, any links or bar codes that may be included should work properly, and balancing text with images can make your emails easier to read.

Optimize for mobile

The importance of mobile optimization should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to customer service and marketing. A Litmus study found that 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device, yet Blue Hornet emphasizes that 70% of consumers delete emails immediately if they don’t appear properly on these devices. It’s therefore essential to use a simple, mobile-friendly design template that enables your brand to communicate a clear message without any hassle for your customers.

Respect customer preferences

Many customers tend to unsubscribe from marketing emails when they receive them too frequently. While your brand may not want to lose email subscribers, it’s nonetheless important to give customers the choice of unsubscribing when they wish. However, your brand may also give customers the option of receiving fewer emails instead of opting out altogether. Remember that sending too many automated emails can frustrate even the most loyal customers, so make sure to respect their preferences. Indeed, a Social Times study found that 33% of consumers unsubscribe from brand emails due to high frequency, while 24% do so as the content is repetitive or boring.

Test and revise campaigns frequently

As with any aspect of your brand, make sure to test and revise your practices frequently. Check your emails for accuracy and technical issues before sending them, such as checking to make sure they are truly optimized for mobile. In addition, monitor the quality and efficiency of your email content by testing different campaigns and analyzing the customer response. Understanding your customers’ habits and preferences enables your brand to design effective email marketing campaigns that drive customer loyalty. 

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