6 Ways to Enhance the Customer Sales Journey

It should come as no surprise that great customer experiences drive sales and long-term loyalty. According to Kissmetrics, 74% of customers have spent more with a brand because of a history of positive experiences. Winning customer loyalty is therefore all about providing a seamless experience that drives your customers to support your brand. Here are six ways to enhance the customer sales journey for greater customer satisfaction.

Optimize the omnichannel experience

True omnichannel brands know that accessibility is critical to great customer engagement. Make it easy for your customers to connect with your brand on their favorite channels. Take a close look at the channels that generate the most traffic, and then take the proper measures to make sure channels are adequately staffed with well-trained agents. The more optimized your channels, the more likely your customers will be driven to purchase.

Give them a great mobile experience

Customers are increasingly seeking service on the go. According to a study by Latitude, 61% of customers have a better opinion of a brand that offers a great mobile experience. More alarmingly, Google found that 41% of customers have turned to a competitor’s site after a poor mobile experience. The takeaway? Give your customers a truly seamless mobile experience by optimizing your mobile site, providing a separate brand app whenever possible, and providing easy click-to-call or chat buttons. Conversational commerce has also driven many brands to embrace messaging as a way to drive sales and offer personalized service. Engage with your customers through messaging by offering individualized support, personalized recommendations, and an easy checkout process. A seamless mobile experience, whether it be by voice, SMS, or social media, can turn product research into actual sales.

Give customers support in-store

A notable fact about mobile shoppers is that they still enjoy visiting actual brick and mortar stores. According to Deloitte, roughly 58% of consumers who own a smartphone have used it for store-related shopping. What’s more, 60% of mobile shoppers use their devices in-store, while 50% use it on their way to a store. Consider using geolocation data to assist customers with information such as the nearest location of a store or live chat invitations for those researching in-store. Such support enhances the customer experience while turning mere research into sales conversions when customers are often most likely to purchase.

Assist customers with product research

Assisting customers when they need it most is vital to driving sales and satisfaction. Individualized support is a prominent feature of conversational commerce and an excellent way to tailor service to customer needs. Through a mix of both human and AI support, brands can offer personalized product recommendations that are relevant to customers. Similarly, timely live chat invitations can assist customers during web browsing, providing real-time service and facilitating the sales process.

Give them timely and personalized marketing offers

Knowing when to deliver marketing offers is essential to winning over customers. In addition to making personalized recommendations, brands should always tailor offers to the needs and preferences of each customer. Taking a close look at purchase history can increase chances for upselling and cross-selling. In addition, offering vouchers to customers when in-store can entice them to buy, while offering one post-purchase shows gratitude for their loyalty and can lead to more future purchases.

Make it easy to purchase

Last but not least, make the actual act of purchasing a seamless one. It’s essential to provide an easy checkout process on both mobile and desktop, regardless of the channel. To earn customer trust, outline the purchase process in clearly marked steps, from adding to a cart to clicking to purchase. Using tools such as large legible fonts, easy to click buttons, clear payment options, passwords before purchase, and logos that verify the security of your site are all important to making the sales journey go smoothly. Once a purchase is made, always send a swift and detailed confirmation.Providing a seamless sales journey begins with taking steps to win customer trust and making the experience delightful in the process. To deliver the very best in customer service, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in cloud-based contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform for great customer experiences.

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