7 Qualities of an Outstanding Digital Commerce Experience

With so many customers choosing to shop online these days, it’s no wonder that brands are getting more serious about digital transformation. While brick and mortar stores are still a vital aspect of the buyer experience, companies are challenged to link the digital and in-store customer journeys while also making the purely digital commerce experience a seamless one. Here are seven qualities of a great digital experience that make the difference between an abandoned cart and a thrilled customer.

A user-friendly interface

Whether your customers are shopping on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the interface they are using must be optimized. Your website undoubtedly appears differently on each device, and a customer simply won’t waste time navigating a messy one. Keep your web design simple and straightforward with clearly legible fonts and easy to click buttons.

Clear information

If a customer does not understand website information, chances are that he will abandon his product search or even his full shopping cart. Clear information is vital, and this includes text regarding products, pricing, shipping, and returns. In addition, make sure that information is consistent across different channels. For example, if a sale price is advertised on your website, the same price should be featured on social media platforms.


Customers don’t mind recommendations when they are relevant. Keep track of browsing and purchase history, and use this information to suggest products of interest. Also allow customers to view their own browsing history so that they may review products that they may still be interested in buying.

An easy checkout process

The easier you make the checkout process, the more likely your potential customers will give you their business. Allow customers to make purchases easily using stored credit card and shipping information. When a purchase is complete, send customers prompt order confirmation and shipping information so that they are reassured that their purchase went through.

A secure experience

To earn your customers’ trust, be sure to give them a secure buying experience. Data encryption, password logins, and secure webpages are all ways to make your customers feel safer when sharing their personal data online.

Efficient customer support

If a customer wants to ask a question at any time, make it easy for him to do so. Live chat support is an excellent way to help online customers in real time. A live chat invitation sent after a few minutes of navigation on a webpage is the perfect way to assist a hesitant customer. On smartphones, click-to-call or click-to-chat buttons are more user-friendly. Be sure to support your customers at these critical moments when they are contemplating a purchase.

A convenient return process

Hopefully, your customers won’t have any complaints about their purchase. However, in the event that they need to return a product, be sure to help them graciously. Make the return process as painless as possible by offering prepaid shipping labels and clear information regarding the process. If the return process is a simple one, customers will be happy to keep looking at your brand for the products they want most. Statista states that 1.92 billion people worldwide will make an online purchase in 2019. With this increasing demand for digital commerce, now is the time to give your customers stellar online experiences that outshine those of your competitors.

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