Are You Ready For Your Next Disaster?

While it isn’t what any company, organization or individual likes to hear, disasters do happen. Power surges can easily and instantaneously wipe out systems; meanwhile, natural disasters can take down entire coasts. Your servers may go down and mice could chew through important wires that could cripple your computers. There is no trick to avoiding or navigating these potentially catastrophic events, but there are ways to prepare for them so that when they do happen, your enterprise is prepared to deal with it in the best way possible and, as a result, can hopefully get back to business as usual.Drawing near the end of 2013, there are numerous options to counteract these disasters; however, one that any business should consider is the use of a hosted call center. This cloud-based software boasts inherent disaster proofing that eliminates certain things that could occur if your data center was onsite. Even better is that a third party typically hosts cloud services where all maintenance, upgrades and hardware are in an entirely different location, meaning you’ll never have to work physical complications out on your end.Furthermore, a properly hosted call center usually involves the application of a disaster recovery plan that is built into the software and services. A disaster recovery plan is generally made up of a few steps that will help safeguard the investment of time and money that your enterprise is making. These stages include: the provider understanding your company’s activities and how it functions; the assessment of vulnerabilities; understanding your company’s specific ripple effect, should a disaster occur; developing both short- and long-term recovery plans; and maintaining the plan as your company grows and progresses.By taking the time to look at your enterprise’s current disaster recovery plan, you will be able to see where there are possible shortcomings. So ask yourself: are you ready for your next disaster? If not, a hosted call center solution (in addition to the other benefits of the call center itself) could be the answer you need to secure your company’s future.

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