Frávega Migrates Contact Center Agents to Remote Model with No Service Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the way many businesses function. Companies that rely on their contact centers for the continuity of business operations are no exception—indeed, they risk collapse if no remote solution is found that protects employee health while ensuring productivity. In the retail sector, contact centers are vital not only to customer assistance but to internal back office support for their retail locations. In this context, Leading Argentine Electrodomestic Retailer Frávega Migrates Contact Center Agents to Remote Model with No Service Disruption and Full Compliance of Strict Data Security Policies, with CCaaS Vocalcom Hermes360 Solution.

Successfully migrating 120 agents to a remote model using voice and WhatsApp channels

In light of the growing pandemic, Frávega recognized the immediate need to move all contact center agents to a remote working model to ensure employee health and prevent a business shutdown. With more than 100 branches and around 3,000 employees throughout the country, the company uses Vocalcom Contact Center solutions in a high availability environment together with other third-party applications on their private cloud. Agents use Vocalcom solutions for the company’s debt collection, service desk, and internal back office on both voice and WhatsApp channels.

Migrating in full compliance of strict security policies

In the past week, Vocalcom worked closely with Frávega’s IT team to ensure the quick and efficient migration of all 120 agents. One of the greatest challenges was completing the migration of all applications including the Vocalcom Contact Center solution to a home-based model while respecting the strict security policies linked to the confidential data managed by the agents. Without the assurance of data security, such a migration would be impossible.


Vocalcom fully supports Frávega’s migration project

Over the course of one week, Vocalcom technicians worked diligently with Frávega’s teams. These teams worked together to prepare the necessary infrastructure for remote work without compromising company information security. They eliminated any flaws during the migration process, ensuring that the platform was stable and that phone calls and WhatsApp communications could be made remotely while respecting the security policies.

Ensuring business continuity during COVID-19

This migration subsequently enabled all 120 agents to work remotely using the Vocalcom solution and all other company applications. Although Frávega’s central office and branches are currently closed, agents are working safely and productively from home while business continues to thrive through online sales. Frávega is now well-equipped to grow any future projects with the ability to receive more agents as needed. Upon the swift and successful deployment of the remote working model, Frávega offered Vocalcom warm words of congratulations. Gabriel Pulice, Network & Telecommunications Leader, expressed, «Vocalcom teams rose to the occasion of helping us, with a huge effort and despite the extensive working hours, so that we could raise the service for our call center and back office. » As the world navigates this uncertain time, Vocalcom is fully committed to providing the technology and support that our customers need so that they may offer consistent quality customer experiences.

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