Comdata Spain Transitions 600 Agents to a Remote Model in Under 2 Weeks

The current global threat of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented effect on the way many businesses are operating. Business process outsourcers (BPOs) in particular are facing the enormous challenge of protecting employee health while maintaining normal business practices. As contact centers are the pulse of these companies, BPOs must safeguard these employees who typically work in close proximity to one another while ensuring excellent customer experiences at all times. For BPOs, finding a safe and reliable remote model for business during this turbulent time is vital to their existence and the financial futures of their clients. While this can be a challenge for contact centers equipped with an on-premise solution, Vocalcom makes it possible to transition seamlessly to a remote model.

It’s in this context that Comdata Spain, a massive BPO with 600 concurrent agents across Spain using the Vocalcom on-premise Contact Center solution, successfully transitioned a large number of their BPO agents to a remote model in less than 2 weeks.

Comdata Spain successfully Transitions Agents to a Remote Model Using Vocalcom Solutions

In preparation for the country’s eventual confinement and necessity to implement remote working practices that would keep employees safe yet productive, Comdata prepared their plan in early March, leveraging the flexibility of Vocalcom solutions. Using virtual stations, these agents are able to connect remotely to a corporate desk pre-configured by the company’s IT team in a manner that guarantees compliance with all security requirements of the organisation. Every agent’s personal computer serves as a “thin client,” enabling him to access the Vocalcom solution and company applications through a virtual machine hosted on the Comdata data center.

While some contact center solutions require the installation of additional technologies on personal computers to enable remote access—especially for voice interactions—the Vocalcom solution bypasses this need entirely. With just a computer and an internet connection, Comdata agents were able to seamlessly transition to working from home as their supervisors monitored their activity and performance easily using the same technology. Throughout this process, Vocalcom provided consulting support to configure, test, and validate the solution in the Comdata environment in order to maximize the customer’s success. Since the implementation, Comdata Spain has been able to offer the same quality customer experiences as before with no interruption to their service, and they are currently looking at how they may deploy a similar approach to their operations located in LATAM countries.

As the world navigates this time of fear and uncertainty, Vocalcom is deeply committed to providing the technology and support that customers such as Comdata Spain urgently need in order to offer consistent quality customer experiences.


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