Best Practices: Contact Center Infrastructure that Supports Business Process Changes

Close your eyes for a second. Now open them. Did you see it? In that fleeting moment, your customers’ behavior changed. There, it just happened again. Keeping up with customers is a constant process, and if your business isn’t designed in a way that allows you to quickly and easily adapt, you could (and likely will) fall behind. If you build your contact center infrastructure to support business process change, though, you’ll be able to not only adapt as change happens, but predict change and be ready before it even starts.

Here are three ways you can design your contact center infrastructure to support business process change:

1. Streamline your call center solutions to create an end-to-end integrated suite, where upgrades and new components can easily be added and old ones taken away.2. Cut the ties that bind and add more flexibility to your service center strategy by moving your technology to the cloud. If you think it can’t go in the cloud, challenge your vendor to make it happen.3. Mobilize your service center – your customers don’t sit still, and neither should you. Provide them with a consistently rich experience across any device and from any location.

Remember that your call center solutions provider is your partner.

Periodically query them about their vision for the future and ask how they’re keeping up with that change. Take this one step further by providing them with aggregate data on your customers and let them tell you what trends they see. Then, ask what types of changes their other customers are dealing with and how they are assisting with those changes.As the expression goes, there is nothing more constant than change. If you build your infrastructure so that making changes becomes a fluid process, you will always be one step ahead of your customers’ wants and needs.

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