COVID-19 Status

At Vocalcom our top priority is to provide continuity of operations for our customers while ensuring the safety of our employees at all times

Business continuity plan

Vocalcom, as global provider of mission-critical solutions, has established policies and procedures in place to deal with this type of situation. Each Vocalcom operation centre around the world has its own Business Continuity Plan that will :

  • Guarantee continuous availability of our technology
  • Continue to provide 24×7 support
  • Deliver resilient platforms

Free Interim Licence Programs

Keeping your employees working is key for us whether home or office based. Therefore we are introducing a Free Interim Licence Program to help our customers manage unexpected situations – allowing for employees to essentially work from anywhere.

These offers are available to all customers worldwide, who wish to extend or facilitate employee work from different locations.

More information on our Free Interim Licence program.

Learn more about how to enable your agents to work from home.

Vocalcom’s approach

Vocalcom, as a company, is also making corporate decisions in order to safeguard our employees – these include:

  • Restriction of employee travel unless absolutely essential for business needs and offering opportunity for work from home wherever possible
  • Provide clear guidance to employees in regards to standard health requirements relating to COVID-19
  • Encourage provision of support or training remotely rather than on-site

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