Set up your Vocalcom Contact Center agents to work remotely from home

Vocalcom helps you enable your agents working from home

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many companies are choosing to have their employees work remotely to limit the spread of disease and keep them safe. For most companies, this is a completely unique situation. In this context, we want to remind our customers that Vocalcom Contact Center Solutions can be operated remotely and that Vocalcom will provide its finest collaboration and support to face these new challenges – by either adapting or reinforcing your contact center activities. The main objective is to facilitate the implementation of remote working for your agents without impacting the way your contact center operates. Alternatively, Vocalcom can expand your contact center capabilities to face increased demands so that you can provide business continuity while preserving employee health. Therefore, we want to make sure you’re informed about your Vocalcom Contact Center Solution’s capabilities that are fully enabled for remote working.

Benefits of Vocalcom Contact Center solutions:

  • A feature-rich solution for complete customer engagement
  • A modern and full web user experience
  • A solution which supports home/remote agents working from any location
  • Full supervision and reporting capabilities to monitor remote agent’s activity
  • A true cloud architecture that provides continuous improvements
  • A minimum configuration required from the customer
  • No additional cloud license required for remote usage

How to set up your Vocalcom Contact Center agents to work remotely:

Vocalcom On-premise customers:

You can either choose to:

  • Publish your Vocalcom Contact Center “site” on the web to allow your agents to connect to Vocalcom Contact Center solution using a VPN of your choice
  • Or, join our Interim License Program, that will allow you to get additional users onto our cloud environment to support activity growth or remote working during this specific period only.

Vocalcom Cloud customers:

Leverage the full flexibility of our Cloud Center solutions and access our Interim License program to request that some additional users be added to your contract for this specific period only. For more information, please contact your Vocalcom representative.

Standard requirements needed for remote users

For cloud & premises-based Vocalcom Contact Centers, users need to:

  • have an internet access/connectivity with enough bandwidth to ensure voice quality,
  • have a personal computer with a web browser (IE11, Chrome, Firefox, ..),
  • have a compatible voice endpoint (Softphone / mobile / landline)

For premises-based Vocalcom Contact Centers (in addition to the above), you need to:

  • Provide VPN access to remote users (so they can work as they do in the office)
  • Publish Vocalcom Contact Center “site” on the web

Remote work solutions enable access to full Vocalcom solution capabilities


In this manner, every agent can access his workspace, register his log times, and receive all customer interactions from their Vocalcom Contact Solution interface with the identification and history of the contact as well as the call scripts defined. Everything that is available onsite will be accessible remotely.


Supervisors can continue with their normal activities and pilot their teams from the call center location or from home. Vocalcom solutions provide the same benefits as those enjoyed in normal use—such as campaign status notifications and remote agent coaching—with the same management and control level over all agents regardless of their location.

Quality monitoring:

All quality surveys and recordings can be accessed remotely to monitor and analyze the agents’ activity and performance.


All reporting can be accessed through the Vocalcom Contact center application so that managers can continue to analyze each campaign performance and monitor the performance of the contact center.

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