Differentiating Your Predictive Dialer Options

While the number representing the types of predictive dialers available today is small, the benefits, and most importantly, the differences between each are growing. The predictive dialer dynamically detects when a live contact has been reached, enabling call center representatives to spend more time productively and proactively to close the most sales. Let’s take a look at the two types of predictive dialers you could invest in for your company today.

Hardware-Based/On-premise Predictive Dialer

A hardware-based (also called an on-premise) predictive dialer differs greatly from a hosted alternative. The reason for this is that hardware-based technology is a thing of the past, what with the explosive development, expansion and predicted growth of cloud telephony and its unprecedented benefits and savings. Hardware-based predictive dialers equal a sizeable investment in such hardware as servers, routers and load balancers – all which must be purchased and then maintained by you. This can also make installation and scaling a challenge.

Hosted Predictive Dialer

A hosted predictive dialer (also called a Web-based or cloud-based dialer) not only comes at a much lower price point than its traditional counterpart, but provides greater overall value because it requires no upfront costs. A hosted solution is far easier to deploy as well, and the best part is, a hosted solution is supported and maintained separately by your vendor.

Bottom line: a hardware-based predictive dialer will work, but there’s no reason to continue investing in a solution that is antiquated just because it adequately performs. By taking your dialer to the cloud, you’ll immediately realize benefits, advantages and cost savings that you otherwise would have never known.

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