Don’t be a Statistic: 36 Percent of Customers are Pleased with Social Media Service

The process of selecting call center technology to support your operations is certainly not an easy and confusing one. What’s not confusing, though, is where customers are turning to find the help and answers they’re looking for. In fact, almost 50 percent of social media users have used social customer care. The twist here is that this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pleased with the results.So what’s contributing to the poor numbers and experiences? Simply put; a lack of attention on the customer service front. When the opportunity arises for a service representative or agent to leverage social media as a means of resolution or customer support, there are a few different guidelines that can be implemented to help make the experience a positive one. Basically, it all comes down to etiquette. Follow these three steps and you should be good to go:1.) Always respond: Don’t assume that not answering a disgruntled customer’s inquiry will discredit it or make it go away. Not responding can make customers believe that you don’t care and/or don’t take customer service seriously (and, of course, that’s the absolute last message you want to convey).2.) Respond back to the original post: When using center solutions that boast social media support, it’s important that both good and negative comments garner responses. When responding to a negative comment, be sure to respond to the original post so that customers see you take each comment seriously.3.) Be patient: The service rep or agent should, without a doubt, be the most informed about the different services your company offers and the different service strategies it employs. Your customer is probably not aware of all the different intricacies and details involved so be patient in your communication with them.Just like etiquette has a place in personal interaction, it also has a role to play in online communication. These simple tips can help keep all interactions polite and civil.

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