Eighty Percent of Shoppers Prefer Cross-Channel Communication

The world of customer service is competitive, there’s no two ways about it. Therefore, when it comes to trying to make your call center applications as effective as possible, it’s imperative that not just one source of communication is depended on to reach clients. In fact, a new NCR poll reveals that 70 percent of retailers believe customers are more profitable when they have access to more than one channel of communication.However despite this, less than half of major retailers are able to achieve their channel convergence goals. So, what’s conflicting companies when they try to implement cross-channel communications?

  • Single-brand identity is critical: Some corporations might be unsure about how to move forward with multi-channel communications without hurting their brand.
  • Integrating multiple technologies in order to achieve cross-channel communications can also be a daunting task – especially without the right tools and strategies in place. Trying to get the different systems in place and properly train all employees can make it difficult to establish cross-channel communications.
  • Not being able to readily see what channels customers are using and which ones are top preferences can inhibit the process, as well.

Despite all of these challenges, though, the importance and effectiveness of cross-channel communications simply cannot be underestimated – especially in terms of call center applications. However, when implemented in an effective manner, multi-channel communications that include online operations are incredibly successful.

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