Eliminate Meaningless Inquiries with Advanced Listening Software

To fully capitalize on your existing call center software, you have to know where and when to apply it. One way to do this is by setting up a listening program; however, many are still in the dark as to what exactly this kind of technology entails. Below, we offer you a quick glimpse.A listening program can be implemented and utilized within your existing call center software to monitor what customers are searching for when researching your brand or company. Whoever said that 95 percent of brand mentions aren’t helpful when it comes to customer service was sorely mistaken, as more advanced call center technology can queue verbal strings on social media, like brand and corporate account mentions. This kind of information is absolutely critical to improving overall call center interactions.So, what can an effective listening program lead to?Improved Interactions: When a customer is pleased, they’re more likely to recommend that brand to others; however, 19 percent of customers that don’t get a response aren’t as likely to follow this example.Multiple Communication Channels: When you’re able to monitor who is saying what about your brand, you’re also able to track what popular channels are being used. Perhaps this is why 30 percent of the top brands now have Twitter accounts dedicated only to customer service.Call center software is no longer limited to landlines and speaking to clients over the phone. It’s important to monitor every single service channel not only so that customers can be reached quickly and effectively, but so that you don’t slip through the cracks with your service strategy. Establishing a listening program enables a company to monitor their reputation and gauge how customers are responding to their brand, ultimately augmenting profit and building customer loyalty.

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