Engaging Both Customers and Employees Using Social Media

As the cloud contact center market grows, so do the other areas of online presence that surround it. Namely, social media sites have long passed the point of being considered a fleeting fad. Now, social platforms are being integrated into everything about end user’s lives, from how they interact with their phones to how they shop to how they interact with each other. By effectively engaging with and utilizing these social tools, it is possible to expand the cloud contact center’s customer base as well as ramp up employee interaction.With the number of Facebook users nearly tripling the current U.S. population, the social platform is something that simply cannot be ignored. It is a low-cost and far-reaching tool for networking and advertising. In fact, Twitter is the world’s fastest-growing social platform and YouTube now reaches more adults that cable networks. Not only are these inexpensive places to reach customers and potential customers, but they are where customers voluntarily spend their time.A quick strategy for easily utilizing multiple platforms could be to create a simplified social media approach that will lend itself cross-platform utilization—e.g., a format of expressing business updates that work well on as many platforms as possible.Another use for social media is incorporating social networks into the workplace. While this may seem counter intuitive to productivity, it could in fact help facilitate interdepartmental collaboration. This collaborative space can effectively create a bridge in the mind of employees between work and their social community, encouraging employees to participate and help further the scope of their company’s online goals.Click here to learn more about how today’s advanced call center solutions can support your social media initiatives.

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