ENGIE Solutions Industries migrates its contact center to a remote working model in 24 hours to guarantee the continuity of its essential activities

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the way in which every company manages its daily activities to guarantee the best customer service, under conditions which have evolved very quickly due to the confinement imposed upon the inhabitants of numerous countries. Companies in charge of essential tasks are particularly affected and must deploy flexible solutions in order to ensure continuity of services while guaranteeing the health of their staff. In this context, ENGIE Solutions Industries, French expert in refrigeration, migrates its contact center to a remote working model in 24 hours to guarantee the continuity of its essential activities, with the CCaaS Solution Hermes360.

Essential tasks requiring flawless continued activity

Such is the case for ENGIE Solutions Industries, Business Unit of ENGIE Solutions which employs 50 000 employees throughout France. The Retail and Logistics division of ENGIE Solutions Industries is specialized in refrigeration and cooling solutions catering to the industries of fresh products, agribusiness, controlled temperature logistics, and food distribution. Their customer service center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to organize their technician interventions on thousands of sites in France in order to maintain the efficiency of the cold chain and guarantee the supply of fresh products. Critical missions that require a reachable, proactive and efficient customer service.

An omnichannel customer service center available 24/7 with real-time flow management

The customer service center handles—by phone, email, or chat—the inquiries of customers who encounter problems with their installations, providing them a solution directly over the phone or by scheduling a technician intervention. The service is open 24 hours a day thanks to an internalized contact center and the reliance on a provider who handles calls during non-business hours. All of the internal and external agents use the Vocalcom Contact Center solution, with ENGIE Solutions Industries managing very flexibly and in real-time the licenses allocated to each site according to the necessary or available resources. In this manner, the customer service center manager may have a flow monitoring strategy in real-time, with a view of the configured queues and the skills of each agent.

A successful migration of all agents to a remote working model in 24 hours since the start of confinement

Cyril ROUSTAN, Manager of the Retail & Logistics Customer Service Center at ENGIE Solutions Industries, comments : « At the moment the confinement was decided upon, ENGIE Solutions Industries had to implement urgently a continuity plan for its activities to prevent the cold chain from being interrupted for its most critical customers, notably supermarkets, hospitals, and nursing homes. The flexibility and adaptability of the Vocalcom Contact Center solution allowed the company to move all of its agents to a remote working model immediately from the first day of confinement. »

An immediate flow adjustment and real-time resource management

The Vocalcom Contact Center solution offers exceptional responsiveness and agility thanks to an all-in-one solution that is flexible and easy to use remotely with any phone station. Cyril ROUSTAN adds : « Thanks to the flexibility and the ease of use of the Vocalcom solution, we were able to adjust our scripts immediately and independently to allocate lines to agents and route calls to any workstation and any PC. The agents may connect from home and benefit from the same features as they do at the office. During this time when it is difficult to foresee the physical presence of our agents, we may also adapt in real-time the scheduling and the management of flows, both internally and with our provider, to guarantee the best level of service for our customers. »

The intervention of on-site technical teams in complete security

To protect the health of on-site technical teams, the company has adapted its agent scripts since the start of COVID-19 to secure the installations before on-site interventions – with zone markings or interventions outside opening hours. In this manner, customer inquiries could be managed without service interruption and ENGIE Solutions Industries was able to count on the responsiveness, professionalism, and participation of its technical teams to take action quickly on defective installations in order to avoid impacting basic necessity food products.

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