Hot Call Center Topic: Customer Segmentation

The idea of segmenting customers based on qualifying data is important, though it may come with initial reservations.

Objectively, your customers may be opposed to being treated differently than others based on certain qualities or metrics; however, at the same time, it’s important to realize that not all customers are created equal.Consider customer demographics, which can better prepare agents for customer outreach, such as before making cold calls. It’s vital to know who is being called and about what. For example, research shows that 60 percent of people who are contacted by telemarketers are age 50 or older. What if you’re calling to offer them a 12-month subscription to Cosmopolitan? You can bet that this older individual will be more than quick to pass, and now, you’ve wasted their time and underutilized your company’s telemarketing software.By specifically targeting customers and honing in on certain metrics, a facility is far more likely to have a higher success rate, as well as better allocate hours and resources towards leads and contacts that are more likely to pay off. This improves profits in multiple areas, from time management to the ability to more personally serve certain customers.Remember, you’re not looking to pigeonhole your customers (that would be the extreme end of the spectrum). When implemented correctly, segmentation strategies have proven invaluable for strengthening business continuity.

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