How AI is Transforming the Mobile Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence has increased the efficiency and profitability of many brands. In particular, mobile customer service and commerce have seen tremendous transformations, enabling customers to receive assistance and make purchases effortlessly. Here are five hot trends that will help you engage your mobile customers wherever they are.

Personalized recommendations

Isn’t it a great feeling when a brand recommends a product you actually want? With the help of AI, brands are hoping to do just that. For example, many companies ask customers to mark their favorite products, and this data later helps AI determine products of interest. In addition, AI may collect other information such as browsing history and purchase history to help brands make targeted marketing offers. This precision has proven results: According to PointSource, when AI is present, 49% of customers are willing to shop more frequently while 34% will spend more money.

Automated customer service

Self-service is the ultimate way to save customers time and effort. This demand led to the rise of chatbots, the savvy digital assistants that can do everything from finding the right dress size to taking care of all the details of a customer’s flight. When brands use them wisely—namely, by assigning chatbots tasks that they can complete successfully—customers are simply enamored. As Grand View Research points out, 45% of customers prefer chatbots as their primary means of communication for customer service.

Voice-activated searches

Remember when Siri first became the coolest way to search on your phone? Well, many companies have turned to the same principle to help customers find products more easily. Voice-activated search is on the rise, with AI using natural language processing and search history to guide customers to the products they want. According to Location World, 40% of adults now use voice search at least once per day. With AI giving your brand a boost, your customers will want to speak to you all the time.

Stronger customer service communications

Even when customers want to speak to an agent, AI can lead the way. Artificial intelligence can be used to power IVR menus, ensuring that customers are routed to the most qualified agent efficiently. In addition, with powerful technologies such as Vocalcom’s AI-powered predictive behavioral routing, customers and agents may be paired based on common personality traits and enjoy more meaningful conversations. This use of personality mapping to understand customer preferences and intentions leads them directly to the agent with the most compatible profile, driving customer satisfaction and an exceptional ROI for the brand.

Intelligent assistants at your service

Lastly, chatbots are not the only customer helpers in AI. Going one step beyond, intelligent assistants are exactly what they sound like—sophisticated assistants that provide numerous services to customers. From retail brands to fast food chains, they are stepping in to complete complex tasks and give customers truly personalized experiences. According to IHS Markit, 7 billion devices are projected to carry AI-powered assistants by 2020.Artificial intelligence is changing the way customers interact with brands, making these relationships both easier and more fun. 

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