How Does Your Call Center Software Meet Small Business Expectations?

Beware: Small businesses may seem the tiniest and lightest compared to small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises, but they are currently dominating the technological and customer service markets. Not only is the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) considered the fastest growing, but it is apparently very particular about the way in which its business needs are met.In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Constant Contact, 59 percent of small businesses say that it’s harder to run a small business today than five years ago. Why?55 percent of small businesses say that it’s harder to run a business today because of the economy, while almost half (49 percent) say it’s because they can’t keep up with technology. Meanwhile, 40 percent of small businesses cited more stiff competition as the reason.The survey results also found that:·         75 percent of small businesses have trouble finding new customers·         65 percent of small businesses struggle with finding enough time to get everything done·         58 percent of small businesses are looking for better ways to retain their existing customers·         35 percent of small businesses believe it was harder to find new customers today than it was five years ago·         63 percent of small businesses believe that customer expectations are higher than they were five years ago·         The reasons for higher customer expectations include: customer demand for more value (71 percent), better customer service (48 percent) and more deals and/or coupons (44 percent)All of this leads to one indisputable fact: Small businesses need the right technology to feed this insatiable customer demand.To provide a solution to meet these specific needs, Vocalcom offers its award-winning, advanced virtual call center software. Our solution has been proven to boost customer retention while delivering better and invaluable service. Features include: fully integrated multi-channel customer service (including digital and mobile); PCI-DSS compliance; seamless customer relationship management (CRM) integrations that work with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other third-party systems; and advanced features like virtual queuing and CTI screen pops, which push pertinent customer information to the agent’s desktop.There’s no reason to idly sit by while your small business struggles to measure up. Click here to learn more about our virtual call center software.

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