Key Differences Between the SMB, SME and Large Enterprise

SMB, SME and Large Enterprise

There is no stopping the small-to medium-sized business (SMB), as research indicates that this market is growing faster than small-to medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large enterprises. You may find yourself asking, where does my business fit on this spectrum and how do I invest in technology and products accordingly? At Vocalcom, we stress the importance of understanding how the size of your organization is intrinsically linked to the technology needs of your business—especially when it comes to the right call center solutions.

In the past, organizations were categorized by their number of employees and the amount of data or storage they managed. Currently, however, as organizations grow—and the amount of data they oversee increases exponentially—the ways in which we categorize companies has changed as well.Today, SMBs are defined as companies that have part-time individuals managing their data and IT infrastructure; these team members wear multiple hats such as managing backups, databases, networks, new technology purchases and more. This person is likely to spend 20 hours or less per month performing these responsibilities and, as a result, the organization is likely to outsource to a third party.

In a SME, there are more full time employees to manage data and IT infrastructure, however, these individuals typically have less expertise than IT gurus. The typical titles of these people are system administrator, network administrator or IT manager.In a large enterprise, because the business model is so comprehensive, the company often has a full-time IT staff who possesses specific expertise to manage specific applications or parts of the IT infrastructure. This mastery is essential in the large enterprise.Understanding where your organization fits is critical; after all, the larger your organization, the larger your customer service department has to be and the more robust your call center solutions should be. Whether you are searching for advanced call routing features, predictive dialers or live chat features, you will need to spend ample time clearly identifying your business objectives and determining how best to satisfy your customers.

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